Reaching new frontiers with Information Technology

Suppliers of the best hardware and software the IT industry has to offer. Paragon IT aims to provide small businesses with the right IT tools to ensure smooth and efficient running of their business.

We offer a large variety of hardware, including workstations, laptops, hard drives, peripherals, printers, etc.

We are committed to providing the best service and high quality hardware.

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Producs and Services we offer


Paragon IT offers on-site and remote support to ensure that your IT systems are always up and running. Downtime can be extremely costly to a business, we therefore promise to do our best to keep your downtime to a minimum. With a priority rating system, clients with the most urgent issues are assited first.
Offering monthly contracts or adhoc support queries, Paragon IT will ensure that your business is up and running with minimum cost to you. Simple issues will be resolved remotely or via telephone, while more complex issues will be require an on-site visit. This allows us to keep charges to a minimum, as we only come out if it is absolutely necessary.

Hardware and Software

Offering a wide range of hardware and software, Paragon IT will meet all your hardware and software requirements. To mentions just a few, we offer the following:

   - Laptops/Notebooks

   - Desktops (Workstations, home PC's, All-in-One Pc's, Gaming Pc's)

   - Tablets

   - Networking Hardware (Routers, switches, cabling, wireless networking hardware, etc)

   - Peripherals (Keyboards, Mice, Speakers, Headphones/Headsets, Webcams, etc)

   - Laptop Bags, Tablet Covers, Cellphone Covers and casings

   - Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8)

   - Office Applications (Microsoft Office 2010/2013/365)

   - Productivity Software (Photoshop, CAD software, Accounting Software, etc)

   - Security Software (Anti-virus, Internet Security, Anti-malware, etc)


We offer to install your hardware, software and networks for you. Offering professional and efficient service, we will have you up and running in no time.

Often the implementaion of new systems can result in unplanned issues, at Paragon IT we will plan out the implentaion of your new system, whether it be hardware, software, network or a combination of these. This will result in a quicker implementation and ensure that implementation problems are kept to a minimum and when they do arise they are resolved quickly.